Abstract- Water is the basic need which is used for variety of purposes like drinking, washing, bathing recreation as well as numerous other varied industrial applications. The increasing amount of discharged sewage, urbanization, use of chemicals in agriculture and various anthropogenic activities effects the quality of underground water. The availability of fresh water sources is limited. Water shortage and unreliable water quality are major obstacles to achieve sustainable development and improvement in quality of life. Seawater accounts for 94% of the Earth’s water and support numerous commercial activities. The main drawback is their high salinity. Desalinization of salt water is done to eliminate dissolved minerals including salts from feed water resources that are salty. This paper includes review of various methods used for sea water desalination.

 Keywords– Water, Seawater, Desalination, Reverse osmosis, solar distillation method, freezing process, electro dialysis

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12591

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