Abstract: Many key technology lists for next optical communication and sensing systems include tunable semiconductor lasers. This essay offers a tutorial's summary.This was presented at OFC '03. It touches on some justifications.Tunable lasers could be useful, and a basic tuning sketcha few examples of tunable lasers that have been developed, methods,commercialized, and a look at control methods. MoreFor the widely-tunable sampled-grating, significant data is provided.laser of the distributed-Bragg-reflector (SGDBR) type, with data such lasers must be monolithic ally integrated with modulators to provide front ends for entire transmitters. Reliability information for Also provided is the SGDBR laser. The results show that tunable lasers can lower operating expenses, making full-band tunability attractive.That monolithic integration gives benefits for many applications.the greatest potential for lowering cost, size, weight, and power, and that sufficient reliability for system insertion has been proven.

keywords: Tunable lasers, semiconductor lasers, and photonic integrated circuits.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12512

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