Abstract: The major role of this paper is inspection of fabrics. The fabric defect detection is carried out by manually in textile manufacturing industry .In manual work during which some of fabric defects are very small and undistinguishable. The important problems is inspection of fabric by human eye. Can be identified only monitoring by the skilled labour. The maximum number of the textile manufacturing industry in India performed the defect detection by many number of labour. To increase the fabric quality in industry to introduced the automated system. The automated fabric defect detection system detect defects definitely and identify them based on their physical appearance would naturally improve. To increase the customer satisfaction and reduce the costs associated with the quality. In recent periods many research are done on automated system to detect the fabric defect based on image processing techniques. These techniques takes much amount of time for processing the images to detect the fault. On this research, to overcome the above limitation, introduced the automated system based on deep learning algorithms to detect the defect. The proposed system efficiently detect the fabric defects with improved accuracy compared with other system.

Keywords: Fabric; Defect Detection; Automated; Manual; Textile

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8110

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