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Abstract: Wireless Sensor Network is basically arrangement of distinct and dedicated sensors for observation and recording the healthiness of the surroundings and organizing the collected information at a central location. However, due to the open characteristic of wireless communications, an adversary can detect the location of a source or sink and eventually capture them by eavesdropping on the sensor node’s transmissions and tracing the packet’s trajectories in the networks. The aim of proposed scheme is to provide the source location privacy against hotspot locating attack in Wireless Sensor Network. This thesis provides privacy against the attack by misguiding attacker by sending him the deviated location information and false identity of the sensor nodes through. In the proposed work, the adversary deploys the monitoring nodes in the WSN, here to be referred as attacker in entire work.  The proposed schemes on the platform has analyze along with evaluation of performance in terms of safety period, end-to-end latency and energy consumption. The results illustrate that proposed location privacy protection schemes can obtain satisfied performance as proposed schemes has analyze the location privacy protection at the source and sink respectively. The optimal combination schemes are designed to achieve a highest location privacy protection for both ends.

Keywords: Wireless sensor network, Location Privacy, Energy Efficiency

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.775

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