Abstract: Sale energy is an and loss unsoiled an prospective energy an source. Among all other non -conventinal energy option. The sale pv system depends on a geargraphical location on a type of pv modual implemente. PV system are beneficial in areas having a mental amount of incident solar radiation. Solar pawer is used to charge batteries so that solar pawer devices can be used at night. The batteries can obtain be large and heavy taking up space and needing to be a place from time to time.
The 1 KW off gride solar pawer plant to full field the ever-grading need customer. More ever use provide solar pawer plant project by our experts and professional. The solar pawer plant design service is non for their reliability and affordable rules. The study is based on design of solar PV system and a case study based on cost analysis of 1.0 KW off grid photovoltaic energy see. The both monthly and weekly cost of energy produce by the one 1 KW pave system having been calculation. The solar 1 KW system can be given internal rate of return of about 1.714% on investment. An annual average solar radiation off about 5.4 Kwahu/m a day. The total amount of energy generated by the system and various losses occurring in the system.
1 KW pave system of rupees 0.9724 .0.9724/kwh is the estimated for a project with profitable life for 25 years with no other financial support. this translates to rupees 80000 payment area the livelier cost of energy of 1kwh generated by the system. 1 kw pave system is also very useful in rural areas of India.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.116136

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