Abstract: To manage and analyze student ranks and outcomes, a web-based project called Student Performance Analysis was developed. It also features extra modules to figure out the students' SGPA and CGPA. Reduce manual errors and transform the output system into a computerized system are its two main goals. A time and effort-saving performance report generator is part of the project and generates reports by year, branch, section, and subject. Students can view their academic success as the technology aids teachers in analyzing findings and generating reports with a single click. It centralizes data administration and is a user-friendly web application that is available from anywhere. The approach benefits students, teachers, and college management since it raises production while enhancing educational quality and student achievement.

Keywords: JavaScript, SQL (Structured Query Language), PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor), XAMPP (Cross-Platform, Apache MYSQL, PHP and Perl).

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12436

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