Abstract: A decent existence requires access to quality healthcare. It is extremely important to our day-to-day existence. Nevertheless, getting a doctor's appointment for each health issue is exceedingly difficult. The goal is to create a medical chatbot using computer science that will propose a doctor who specializes in a certain ailment. This can make it easier to increase access to medical data via chatbots. Chat bots are software applications that converse with users by using language. The chatbot keeps the data within the data to identify the sentence keywords, create a call to action, and respond to the question. Conversational User Interfaces (CUIs) let users interact with computers in a direct, human-like way. The way we engage with computers and applications is radically altered.CUI is utilized in this study to train data and a variety of packages that help us provide suitable satisfactory outcomes For the purpose of recovering findings, we will combine machine Learning with Natural Language Processing in this chat bot. Care plays an important role in our daily lives; whenever someone is ill, they visit their general practitioner or a nearby clinic to learn more about the issues they are facing. In recent years, a number of organizations and businesses have worked with hospitals to produce support that could help doctors and medical staff deal with patients in a better manner and reduce their labor by using technology; not only does this help the project's main goal is to help you convey information that you have mined more effectively (information) using Access to timely, easy, contextual information is required for both customers and staff.

Keywords:  Chat Bot System which can make suggestions to help people with correct decision making without making a failurre of treatment in initial stages of curing disease for hospital and people benefits.Making Faster Progress and results of health development in good side.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12581

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