Abstract: Days going on and the concept of e-learning enlarging in its details, tools, methods within the rapid development of cyberspace and its components, including the revolution in smartphones and requests for use it in learning and education. For that and more we need to put clear milestones, that can be traced to access available knowledge about e-learning, and use it in easier ways to understand the whole idea of e-learning in its components and how to interconnect between them. To remove the ambiguity and confusion that can arise when using various methods and tools in e-learning; thus, providing many people with a sense of comfort with the difficulty details of e-learning.

This paper discusses the possibility of suggesting a roadmap that can be traced to access e-learning effectively, that by clarifying tangible foundations; which can be addressed and focus on when we want to use or design e-learning applications without going into variant ways may make it difficult. Especially in the basic concepts of e-learning and supporting infrastructure and the mechanism for the development of strategies, objectives, and tools. Taking in mind the effectiveness, assessing the quality, standards, and put all on a roadmap.

Keywords: Computer, Internet, Education, Cyberspace, E-learning, E-teaching, e-education, roadmap, authoring tools, web, www, Information technology (IT).

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9631

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