Abstract: The paper looks at the possibilities of using blockchain technology for charitable purposes. To ensure data protection, fund integrity, and donation control, problems in this field necessitate the introduction of new storage tools and the transfer of information between donors, foundations, donation recipients, and other charitable actors. Via assured data protection and the ability to monitor the movement of funds and transactions, using the blockchain would increase the interest of potential donors in charitable organisations. The authors of this article examine needs and emerging blockchain-based charity networks in Russia and around the world. They provide an example of how distributed registry systems can be used to create a forum for making and monitoring charitable donations. The authors collaborated with local funds and non-profits during their research to validate the solution, gain a deeper understanding of ecosystem needs, and share their findings in the report.
Donors are suspicious of how their money is spent. Blockchain technology is currently being used in a variety of industries. You will use blockchain technology to make payments Transparency in the donation and fund-transfer process. It is necessary to create a single database for monitoring donations that will monitor all details about donations, transactions, and donors. The aim of this paper is to describe the implementation of a blockchain-based framework for monitoring donations. Centered on blockchain technology, the System provides open accounting of operations for donors, charitable foundations, and recipients.
should provide a clear donation route, allowing public users and donors to track and control where, when, and to whom charity funds were distributed.

Keyword— Charity Blockchain, Smart-contracts, Ethereum, Transparency

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10560

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