Abstract: This project is based on traffic management and street light power saving measures. It is inspired by the daily observation during driving a vehicle. This system will offer us both the facilities like smart traffic signal management and street light power saving. Currently traffic signal is set by equal time for all road. This system will set the traffic signal according to density of the road from that direction. This system will improve the traffic management and will reduce the time to stop at traffic signal. Moreover, this system will save power of the street lights. At nights, all street lights are left on. Even if there is no commute on some roads, still every night, the streetlight of these roads remains on which causes lots of electricity wastage. To prevent this wastage, this system will turn on the street light only when some vehicle is going to pass from that road. The intensity of the street light will be set by the intensity of surrounding light. On some parts of the road there are lot of light sources like for example residential or commercial complexes or some advertising banner which can provide light to road, here the intensity of street light need not to be high. So in such situations, by reducing the intensity of street light, we can save electricity.

Keywords: Microcontroller, Ultrasonic Sensor (HC-S04), Led, LDR, etc.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.91019

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