Abstract: Current day Blood donation systems fall short in providing the solution for real-time time transfusion of blood, where the systems deal with Information which only responsive not dynamic. Starting from donation to transfusion. In present-day situations, there is no platform for blood transfusion, where blood present in one region is requested from the different regions where blood is scarce, which may lead to the wastage of blood. Lack of transparency and proper blood quality checks have led to several cases of blood infected with a transmitted disease such as HIV, hepatitis (HVB), or hepatitis(HVC) being used for transfusion, In addition to this, this system also deals with the blood mafia problem by providing transparency. This System aims at solving the issues regarding the supply chain. The system provides a facility for the blood donation process to be transparent by tracking the blood passageway and also helps to avoid wasting blood by providing a platform for the exchange of blood between blood banks. For ease of use, a web application is also built for accessing the system.

Keywords: donation, transfusion, responsive not dynamic. scarce, transparency

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12254

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