Abstract: "Traversify" is a modular home automation system that utilizes the Telegram API and Arduino platform to provide users with a contemporary solution to the common struggles associated with traditional home automation systems. With Traversify, users can remotely control various devices and appliances in their homes and industries from any part of world, offering convenience, scalability, modularity to incorporate features according to user's need and security. The system's modularity enables customization and scalability to meet individual user needs, while its security features, such as the ability to send pictures for security purposes, enhance overall safety and peace of mind for users. The system's architecture, implementation, and functionalities are detailed, with a focus on evaluating its performance in terms of user experience, security, and energy efficiency. The use of Telegram API provides a reliable and secure communication channel between the user and the home automation system, eliminating the need for third- party subscriptions and extra SIM cards.

Keywords: SIM, Arduino and API

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.124172

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