Abstract - Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder are identified as a group of people who has difficulties in socio-emotional interaction. Most of them lack the proper context in producing social response through facial expression and speech. Since emotion is the key for effective social interaction, it is justifiably vital for them to comprehend the correct emotion expressions and recognitions. Emotion is a type of affective states and can be detected through physical reaction and physiological signals. In general, recognition of affective states from physical reaction such as facial expression and speech for autistic children is often unpredictable. Hence, an alternative method of identifying the affective states through physiological signals is proposed. Though considered non-invasive, most of the current recognition methods require sensors to be patched on to the skin body to measure the signals. This would most likely cause discomfort to the children and mask their “true” affective states. In this project we are going to judge response time of mentally retarded person from parameters like Sensory (person has given task to sense environment), Physical (system command retarded person to perform some physical activities) and Speech (person as to recognized display images). As per the response time that person’s mental ability is recorded for further evaluation.

Keyword- Autism spectrum disorder, Speech recognition, Speech processing,Image processing

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.105162

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