Abstract: Trust assessment is one in all the foremost difficult problems that arise in a cloud computing environment. Consumers feedback is a good source to assess the overall trustworthiness of cloud services. To make these difficult problems be simpler by getting feedbacks from users. Generally a cloud refers to a public semi-public space on transmission lines that exists between the end points of a transmission. Cloud providers can be chosen based on advertisements. Based on the usage of particular provider service users can be considered as real users. Reviews can be collected from all users. By the use of Trust Management Service (TMS) algorithm an original user reviews can be identified accurately because it provides an interface between users and cloud services for effectiveness in trust management. Attackers can disadvantage a cloud service by giving several multiple misleading feedbacks (i.e.,collusion attacks) or by creating a multiple accounts (i.e., Sybil attacks). Filtering of fake reviews done based on the attacks of Sybil and collusion. Consumer privacy is achieved through feedbacks. In order to protect cloud services from malicious users reviews can be filtered.

Keywords: Trust Assessment (TS), Trust Management Service (TMS)

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10774

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