Abstract: It is known that social media is one of the largest sources of unstructured data. Analyzing that data and harvesting meaning out of that is a tedious job. Recently opinion mining has become an emerging topic due to the vast amount of opinioned data available on the various social networking sites. Microblogging has appeared relatively recently, and twitter is the most popular microblogging sites used by the people. It is one of the biggest free, open data-source. In the world today, twitter often witnesses a lot of opinions. Opinion mining and sentiment analysis help researchers to gain insight into public emotions. In this paper, Twitter is used as a source of opinioned data. Twitter APIs are used for the collection of tweets. In this paper, R is used for the acquisition, preprocessing, analyzing the tweets, then sentiment analysis is performed based on the different approaches. In this paper, Tweets were collected from the period of Jan 2019 to March 2019. Using that tweets, sentiment analysis was performed to gain the opinion polarity of the folks concerning general elections held in India. Two candidates were considered for this study: Candidate-1 and Candidate-2. It was concluded that Candidate-1 is more liked and is famous as compared to Candidate-2. The result obtained in our paper was in full compliance with the actual election results obtained in May 2019.

Keywords: Twitter mining; Text Mining; Sentiment Analysis; Social media

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10541

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