Abstract: To solve the risk of counterfeiting and helping in revenue for goodwill of industry, usage of QR code for resource planning and utilization is followed. Many organizations are facing the problem of poor utilization of resources due to lack of planning and it leads to difficulty in achieving corporate organizational objectives.  The work examines the need and scan a QR code by the android device where it directs to the data that displays resources used and planning measures. A convenient way of tracking and controlling process as it could be deployed on smart phones and other devices. It will reduce the worker’s efforts to manually maintain the track of each item .Resource planning consume a desired quantity and excess inventory. This invention also comprises a system and storage. The handheld device automatically fetched an information from the server and it will produce manufacturing details. The objective of the proposed system is, the workers to maintain accurate machine details in analyzed manner and will reduce the process time.

Keywords: QR code Scanner, Resource planning and utilization management, QR code

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8236

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