Abstract: Recently, advanced technologies in the semiconductor process have a great developed with nano technology. It enabled cost effective solutions to directly integrate wireless network connectivity with embedded processors and sensors. From the improved technology, IoT lead to great interest in the field of information and communication technology, it is defined as integrated, fused and networked interconnection with objects. Security challenges in IoT include privacy, authentication and secure end-to-end connection. In addition, with the presence of multiple smart home standards currently used in market, any security scheme needs to consider inter-compatibility among the multiple standards. We analyzed and surveyed critical issues for technologies and securities of IoT, and discussed the applications and challenges of smart home network and related to IoT systems. Finally, to provide secure authentication procedure, we proposed the security protocol in IoT service in this paper which is based on user activities and locations.

Keywords: Internet of Things, Authentication, Security, GPS, User Activities, Confidentiality, Integrity

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8808

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