Abstract: Digital data, since its invasion has become an integral part of everyday life aspects. Digital data can be transmitted in a fast and inexpensive way through data communication networks without losing quality. Digital data can be stored efficiently with a very high quality, and it can be manipulated very easily using computers. Watermarking techniques have been developed to protect the digital data from such manipulations. In watermarking, the most challenging task is the embedding capacity in an image. The strength of watermarking can be changed for the improvement of resolution of the images in order to make the image indistinguishable from the original images. The proposed method suggests an effective and easily implementable way to secure the confidential information with a high payload capacity. Also a User Interface (UI) was developed, which makes the watermarking process user friendly. The UI provides the sender with the freedom of opting cover image and watermark image in which actual data is stored. Confidential data can also be entered dynamically by the user. This is then made secure by symmetric key encryption technique and transmitted over the media. The transformation that is employed is the 3 level DWT process. The PSNR and MSE are also calculated to verify the robustness of the algorithm.

Keywords: Double image, PSNR, Payload, Encryption

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.71220

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