Abstract: Artificial Intelligence is that the computational complexity of general intelligence may be exponentially hard which happens with Machine Learning. The field itself, and the evolution of natural Water is basic pre-condition for life. Water of good drinking quality is of basic importance to human physiology and the existence of human being is very much depends on its availability. The assessment of Tiptur lake water quality for suitability for drinking and domestic purpose was carried out during November 2020 to August 2021 and evaluate the water quality status through its physicochemical parameters such as AT, WT, PH, TDS, EC, TA, TH Ca++ , Mg++ , Cl-,DOM , SALINIITY, DO ,BOD, Na+, K+, PO4, SO4 and Fe. The results were compared with BIS Standard [1991]and WHO [1993] drinking water standards. The results revealed that most of the parameters were in normal range and indicated suitability for drinking purposes, and Artificial Intelligence applied for processing the samples with attributes and parameters with the test set. A total of 37genera of phytoplankton were recorded, of which chlorophycean and diatoms were found to be dominant among four classes. Four protozoa were recorded.
Key words: Tiptur-Lake, water quality, Human physiology, physicochemical parameters, suitability, BIS and WHO, Phytoplankton oligotrophic, Artificial Intelligence.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10902

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