Abstract: Steganography is a method which hides conceal data within an ordinary file to avoid detection. Steganography includes encryption and decryption process, where the secret image or data to be transmitted is hidden inside the cover file and encrypted output is called stego object. Steganography can be done using any digital format like image, video or audio etc. The aim of this paper is to improve the data hiding capacity through various methods. In this paper, first video is divided into frames where the color conversion takes place from RGB to YUV. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is used which chooses the pixel positions randomly for embedding process. Second we focus on Least Significant Bit (LSB) technique where the information is hidden in the Least Significant Bit of each pixel of the chosen video. Main advantage of LSB is that huge amount of data in any digital formats can be encoded and it can be retrieved back in a lossless way. Third, In order to improve the security of the hidden data, a linear block code principle is implemented; i.e. Hamming code is used to check for the errors. To detect the errors of the obtained AES encrypted message, we use ECC (Error Correction and Coding) using (7,4) Hamming Code where reorganization of data is done. Finally, to increase the strength of the Stego video Deep Steganography method is implemented, where Deep Neural Networks is used, where we try to place a Full-size color image within another image with minimum distortion. This paper presents a novel method i.e. robust Steganography which is effective when compared to existing Steganography methods. It also provides comparison of various methods to improve the security of the message.

Keywords: Video steganography, Security, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Least Significant Bit (LSB) algorithm, data hiding, hamming code, Deep steganography, secret message, cover video, video frames, Steganalysis, stego video, PSNR ratio, ECC (Error Correction and Coding), and MSE (Mean Square Error).

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9621

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