Abstract: Village management system is the project which deals with the day-today activities of the villagers. The villagers find it difficult to adapt themselves to “Digital India” so, the project helps the villagers survive in the developing world. The web application is a time constraint application which saves the time of the villagers in doing day-to-day activities. Village management system is the management of activities done by the village panchayat board such as payment system of domestic taxes like water tax, residence tax, Mahatma Gandhi 100-days work scheme management(100 naal velai thittam) and Women’s Self-Help Groups(Magalir Suya Udhavi Kuzhu) i.e SHG’s. A successful implementation of the Village Management System helps the villagers as well as the Panchayat staffs in maintaining and easy access of their information.

Keywords: Self Help Group (SHG), Unified Payment Interface (UPI)

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10745

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