Abstract: With recent advance in web technology, many online shopping websites have been emerged. Despite its advantages, however, online shopping presents certain drawbacks. One drawback is that it may be difficult for a person to visualize how a given article would look if worn by that person-owing to the rich variation in body size and shape, hair and skin color, etc., in the human population. Testing the fitness of clothes is highly important for both customer and trader. Our approach concentrate on how the selected garment fitted the user’s body and how it will be appear as if he/she in real world. Trying clothes in clothing stores is usually a time-consuming activity. Besides, it might not even be possible to try-on clothes in such cases as online shopping. Our motivation here is to increase the time efficiency and improve the accessibility of clothes try on by creating a virtual dressing room environment. The implemented system introduced an advanced methodology which is presented for the purchase of clothing through a virtual fit on platform, which consumes far more less time than the normal process, making it easier for the both seller and customer. This provides a realistic behaviour for the suitability of the garment’s details. The whole process starts from an image of the user which is captured from the webcam which then and there provides an environment of a virtual dressing room. Customers are able to select clothing designs from a range of different garments as they prefer and those can be tried onto the image which allows them to experience a live view of the outfit as if it worn on their own body. The primary aim of this project was to build up a compelling, interactive and highly realistic shopping experience via a desktop application providing the user a reliable and accurate service to access an environment of a virtual try on system.

Keywords: Virtual dressing room, Virtual TryOn, Visualization, Virtual fitting, trial, augmented reality, room.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.105150

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