Abstract: - The main motive of introducing these “Virtual Treatment and consultation system” is to promote online health care services. Because lack of specialists is major problem in small towns. But Virtual Treatment provides online services like online treatment. It will be beneficial for all those peoples located in small towns and the patients who have to take regular treatment, travel a lot where there is a lack of medical facilities. Virtual Treatment and Consultation System is a web-based project system which deals with online check-up through video conferencing & doctor gives online prescription. The project is very helpful to doctor, receptionist and public. People can book appointments online by approaching the website of Virtual Treatment and Consultation System. And People can discuss their health-related issues via video conferencing and get doctor useful prescription Virtual Treatment system is a computerized system designed and programmed to deal with day-to-day records like appointment, interaction and management activities. It also maintains patients records.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.125174

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