Abstract: Virtualization refers to the act of something including virtual computer makes a unreal image of the storage space devices servers or network resources so that they can be used on multiple machines at the same time. With the latest growth in cloud computing technologies, security of the data becomes important. It is an enable technology allowing the design of an intelligent abstraction layer that hides the density of underlying software or hardware virtualization technology that can make things easier operations as well as allow Information Technology organizations to react faster to changing business demands. It allows multiple virtual computers to run on top of one physical computer and to share the hardware resources, such as printers, scanners, and modems. This increases the efficient use of the computer by low costs since only one physical computer is needed and running.  Cloud computing technology is one of the largest milestones in leading us to next generation technology and successful up business and Information Technology field. It helps to rise above the problem for the loss of data, accessing data whenever required and data security. This technology is mainly service oriented and focuses on reduction in low cost, hardware reduction and pay just for service concept.

Keywords: Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Data Security

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.71122

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