Abstract: According to a report from Times of India, about 15 million old age people are living alone in India. For various reasons they are living alone and its probability is high in cities. Since they are old, their life is limited to a bound, loneliness and will be having health issues. Old age contributes forgetfulness in many, poor health support and loneliness due to various reasons. We proposed an assistance (Vrudh Sevak) to the majority of the problem faced by the lonely elders using ‘Internet of Things’ and smart phone technology. Internet of things is a propelled worldview to interface physical and virtual substances for improved administrations. We proposed different methodologies to address the various issues such as forgetfulness using smart phone and its voice based assistance, health care by IOT sensors, social communication among same age group and connecting to concerned people via GSM technology. We also proposed a way to improve their health and habit based on the user information.

Keywords: Vrudh Sevak, IOT, GSM, Smart Phone

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8514

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