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ABSTRACT: In smart cities, water problem may arise in the summer season and wastewater can be reused to solve this problem. Wastewater is the water once used and it requires cleaning before reuse. It can be reused for various purposes such as for planting, washing, and other purposes. The home and industry are the major sources for releasing a large amount of wastewater. This water should be treated before reuse. In this paper, a new cloud assisted wastewater management system (CWMS) is introduced to clean the wastewater; reuse based on its purity and shares it globally. The proposed CWMS contains three different steps such as primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment and various sensors have been incorporated for checking the quality (pH, turbidity, salinity, etc.) of treated water. For testing, the wastewater is taken from two places of the study area, Bangalore city, India, and various parameters have been studied. An experimental setup has been developed using Arduino UNO and the performance of CWMS is tested for two different wastewater types. All the details about the treated water have been updated in the cloud for global access and proper utilization.

KEYWORDS: Waste water management.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10762

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