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Abstract: The web application for disaster management can provide all the helpline and it is used for public welfare and efficient management of disaster. However the existing system have some such like less accuracy and less prediction. This paper present web application for disaster management for public welfare and efficient management easily. This application include all the detail about help lines and government bodies to be contact in the stage of emergency. Then we have to upload all the news. We have all the government data set and disaster dataset. All the dataset have to analyze then those information are sort it based on user needs. Then it uploaded to this web app. GPS and hazard mapping is used to identify the areas of concern and giving the exact location along with a future prediction. This web application is developed by using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and Python. This papers main goal is to develop a web app for disaster management. This system is very  useful for at the time of disaster.

Keywords: Disaster, Hazard Mapping ,Data Set, Help Lines

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8257

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