Abstract: The use of the web has many positive effects on education. It overcame time and space limitations in traditional colleges teachers and students are now using the web to access vast amounts of information and resources in the cyber space. In our proposed work we aimed to ease the manual project work by developing web-based project management system. This system is an environment where all the process of the student in the institution is managed. It is done through the automated computerized method. This system saves the time of the student and of the faculty/students. As the system is online the information is globally present to everyone. As the system used in the institute is outdated as it requires paper, files and binders, which will require the human workforce to maintain them. To submit the project related material in the institute, a student in this system should come to the university. while standing in the queue which consumes a lot of the student’s time as well as of the management team. As the number of the student increases in the institute manually managing the strength becomes a hectic job for the faculty. This computerized system stores all the data in the database which makes it easy to fetch and update whenever needed.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11318

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