Abstract: Wireless health care monitoring system deals with a doctor and multiple patients ,in which a doctor monitor patient’s heart rate, body temperature, Respiration rate and body movements of patient using Microcontroller through a LCD screen. These information passing to the monitoring section using wifi module network and update the patient information to the server.  After that connecting Internet to the arduino nano board it act as a server. Then the server automatically sends the data to the web server .Then these parameters are monitor using webpage anywhere in the world using smart phone etc. If these parameters are goes to abnormal, it  alerts the doctor take immediate action The Microcontroller is programmed using Embedded C language. This system works well both at day and night (dark light) timing.  By this way we can take the prevention steps before occurrence of the major incidence and we can avoid the human losses.

Keywords: Feasibility Study, ESP8266(Wifi Module),  LM35(Temperature Sensor), Heartbeat Sensor

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8405

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