Abstract: Currently we are staying in the worst possible time in today’s day and age the society has ever seen in terms of our women’s security. The main aim of the following.
Project is basically building an effective, very fast and a reliable system to make the women of India feel safe and also empowered. The app we made will act as a very helpful companion for the women, so they don’t ever feel that they are standing alone in the middle of any crisis or situation. This application is very user-friendly application.
Which can be used by anyone who has installed the application in their respective smart phones. Our aim is to provide you with the fast and simple way to contact your loved ones or family with just a click of a button or by shaking your device. The idea is to reduce the time or makeup the time it takes to arrive at the location.

Keywords: React Native, Cross platform, Android Application, Women Safety

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11447

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