Abstract: As we all know today, world is suffering from an ongoing global pandemic. This pandemic has brought chaos and problems for everyone. It presented unprecedented challenge for human health, food system and world of work. The worst of the effect is on public social and economic life. Therefore, it is imperative to design an application which may help in the crisis in factor of economic recession. To overcome this challenge, we are designing an application on android platform for mobile devices. We chose mobile application because it is an essential part of everyone’s life and most people use it today. Targeting public devices on mobiles will be much easier than on a web application. It is proposed to use React Native and Node.js for the programming of the software for the devices. The application mentioned here will help people searching for job and those people who wants their work done by a professional. It’s an integrated software for consumer as well as service provider.

Keywords: Pandemic, economic, application, android application, jobs.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10538

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