Abstract: This paper presents the design of a wireless hand switch of X-Ray machine using RF Module. With the objective to avoid unnecessary exposure of radiation, a low cost RF Module is proposed. This method uses RF transmitter and RF receiver modules which are operating at 434 MHz along with encoder IC M145026 and decoder M145027 with the passive components. Here the transmission technique is amplitude shift keying (ASK) and the circuit is powered with 5v. A RF module based wireless hand switch commands the receiver for ready and exposure through transmitter wirelessly. There are two benefits from the design.

a) It can save the repetition of exposure when there are movements in patients especially for children, older and injured patients.
b) It can be operated from computed radiography room that can avoid exposure of x-ray radiation for the operator.

Keywords: X-Ray Machine, Radiation, Radiation Protection, Hand Switch, RF Module

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9112

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