Abstract: Nowadays Musculoskeletal disorder is increasing day by day in humans because of accidents, and because of the busy schedule of employees, they also face an identical problem and also the people between age of 35 to 60 facing the same problem. to beat this problem physical exercises can reduce this disorder and yoga could be the best choice for this, yoga is an important physical exercise for all the issues.in short, yoga is the best medium. but for doing yoga we'd like proper training and also a trainer who will monitor accuracy, body movement. so, to boost the popularity accuracy with reduced training times, we must be prepared Microsoft Kinect to recognize different mutual points of the human body in real-time and from this mutual duration we assume various angles to live the accuracy of specific yoga poses for a user. To test also, explain the recommended program, we decided video series of yoga. Our proposed system can successfully recognize different yoga poses in real-time.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10128

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