Abstract: Optimal use of road transport system is necessary to address the problems like traffic congestion, road crashes, road user safety and air pollution. One such way to optimize is by encouraging use of public transport modes by assigning priority to them. One of the bus preferential treatments is the provision of exclusive lanes for buses on urban roads. This goal can be attained by encouraging public transport modes like buses by assigning priority. By providing exclusive road space for buses will facilitate faster movement of more people in less number of vehicles resulting in reduced congestion, road crashes and also air pollution. Main objective of the work is to study the feasibility of provision of exclusive bus lanes on urban roads and to study the general impact of exclusive bus lanes on traffic flow characteristics under heterogeneous traffic conditions. Methodology includes, vehicle composition survey, vehicle occupancy survey and survey of income of travelers. Collection of data on traffic flow is done to estimate the traffic volume and composition at the four intersections along the selected stretch of road. Data was collected using video camera. Vehicle occupancy survey was also carried out in Thrissur city, Kerala. Windshield method was used for the occupancy survey and income survey done at different locations in Thrissur city.

Keywords: Congestion mitigation, Exclusive bus lanes, Heterogeneous traffic, Windshield method.

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