Abstract: Growth of population and motor vehicle coupled with economic ideas are resulting in high increase in transport demand. India has influenced a tremendous increase in the overall number of registered motor vehicles. However because of the enhancement in development worldwide it is estimated that nearly 30% of urban congestion is developed by drivers looking for parking. Unreliable situations that enhance such congestion include checking for on street parking facility, requirements and cost-comparison shopping between parking alternatives, which are all combinated by the need to reinimize walking distance or make timely appointments or connections. The technology is developed to receive it does not appear to have enhanced at the same level as still ticket system is being followed. All the popular cities of India the problem of parking is one of them. The vehicle to population ratio is higher than one. The data’s collected under the study from various sub-areas of CBA has estimated to get the globed view of parking behaviour in CBA and advance parking technologies and parking supply and management techniques such as park and wide facilities. Observations included 500 interviews with individuals who chose between on-street and off-street parking. The characteristics of individuals choosing both facilities were presented. The resulting observations were used to estimate various log it models with different utility functions. Dynamic pricing or segment of customer and consumer / provider constrains has been taken in consideration to tackle the problem have been suggested. Then a correlation matrix was formed from the database using the software SPSS. These predicted models help a designer to make suitable model for parking choice behaviour. 

Keywords: Parking choice behaviour, License plate method, Binary logit model, Questionnaire survey.

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