Abstract: Road accidents are becoming a major threat to the infrastructure development of a nation. Along with the development of a nation, road safety is an important parameter that needs a special concern. Road accidents were reported more in State highway and National highway, leads to tremendous economic loss approximately up to cores. The identification of accidents prone zones are necessary to provide appropriate safety improvement measures. GIS have a significant application in the transportation field. Blackspot identification helps to find out the reasons for accidents based on the spatial features of that area and preventive measures can be taken in order to reduce the accidents. As per National Transportation planning and research centre (NATPAC) State Highway 69 have reported lot of accidents. This project aims to find out the blackspot regions within Westfort junction -Kunnamkulam road (SH-69) using weighted severity index method (WSI) and locating the blackspots using QGIS.

Keywords: Blackspot, QGIS, Weighted Severity Index

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