Abstract: Power has become the very fundamental element behind the well being of all citizens in the world. The horrendous outcomes of power shortage are beyond any imagination. The necessity of discovering new aids to satisfy the human power needs is of prime significance. It’s high time to think of using hybrid systems rather than depending on a single system. Here we are proposing an idea of utilizing both solar and wind energy in collaboration to bring out an excellent hybrid power source. For this we will be employing a normal solar panel and a different wind power generation method. The solar energy is available most of the day time where as we might not be getting the sufficient wind to generate adequate amount of power. To overcome this obvious issue we are presenting a power generation method that makes use of the breeze to generate energy. Ensuring a constant and stable output of energy is really important as the fluctuations in power may result in a complete loss of power without use to any. For this the Maximum Power Point Tracking controller is used. The controller will be burned with Constant voltage algorithm that makes sure that the performance level of Maximum Power Point Tracking controller is efficient and satisfactory. Thus the MPPT controller rules out the chances for any variations in the output stage. The auxiliary power storage serves as a backup if the output voltage is less than the set point value in the algorithm. The implementation of MPPT controller can be investigated using MATLAB.

Keywords: Solar & Wind Energy, Hybrid Power Generation System, Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), Perturb & Observe (P&O), Auxiliary Power Storage

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