Abstract: Tyre Pyrolytic Oil (TPO) is a renewable fuel, produced from scrap tyres by means of pyrolysis, thereby solving the problem of waste tyre disposal. The straight use of TPO or TPO-diesel blends as a fuel in diesel engines initiates adjusting certain physical properties such as density and viscosity for certain samples. Hence by adequately heating these samples in particular, before introducing to the engine, its physical parameters can reach value very close to that of diesel fuel, thereby facilitating a comparison with diesel fuel properties. In this study the viscosity of several sample of TPO and TPO-diesel blends were studied within a wide variety of temperatures. For testing the viscosity of samples, a Redwood viscometer no 2 was employed and the densities using a weighing machine and measuring jar apparatus. The test results were analyzed to adjust the density and viscosity values of the TPO and its blends with that of other fuels currently being used in diesel engines.

Keywords: Tyre Pyrolytic Oil, Viscosity, Density, Temperature

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