Abstract: Flying has always fascinated man, who constantly wishes to go beyond his limits. From the basic design of a flying machine by DaVinci to modern day jet planes have noted a significant development in aerial vehicles, thus realizing man’s dream to fly. On road vehicles are a product of industrial revolution which made day to day commutation a lot faster and less tiresome. According to Indian MoSPI, the statistical year book of 2015 states that there has been a huge increase in the number of vehicles in India which has resulted in traffic congestion. The delay period in Metropolitan cities in India due to traffic congestion is about 3hours per day, during peak time. This is where the need for more room for travel arises as well as the need for faster travelling methods. It is true that Metro rail systems have contributed to a bridge this hardship in a few cities, but still a major share of the population still face the consequences of a large number of vehicles on the road. Small personal aircrafts and UAVs for hobby purposes have found their way into a lot of households. This gives us a line of thought which may turn out to be the solution for the huge traffic congestion issues we are facing nowadays. This paper analyses the traffic congestion issues faced across India and will discuss about using small aerial vehicles for day to day transport.

Keywords: Flying Machine, Road Traffic, Commutation, Traffic Congestion, Aircrafts, UAVs

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