Abstract: Renewable energy sources and technologies have potential to provide solutions to the long-standing energy problems being faced by the developing countries. In the present scenario, adopting responsible renewable energy techniques and taking positive steps towards reduction of carbon emissions, cleaning the air and ensuring a more sustainable future is inevitable. In India, from the last two and half decades there has been a vigorous pursuit of activities relating to research, development, demonstration, production and application of a variety of renewable energy technologies for use in different sectors. This study aims to evaluate the extent of utilization of Renewable Energy Sources in Kerala in terms of Renewable energy potential of the state, renewable energy projects, possibilities of hybrid grid power and associated challenges. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), India would be the fastest growing energy consumer and market till 2040. This forecast and fast-declining initial expenses of solar and wind energy promises the growth of renewable energy sources in the power sector. Right now various grid management challenges are being faced and sophisticated forecasting, frequent rebalancing & ability to ramp up or down conventional generation quickly to offset the gap created by increase or decrease in renewable generation through-out the day would help to address the challenges.

Keywords: Renewable Energy Potential, International Energy Agency, Kerala State Electricity Board, Agency for Non-conventional Energy and Rural Technology, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy

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