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National Conference on Digital Signal Processing, Information and Communication Engineering

24th and 25th November 2016

Organized by: 

 Govt. Polytechnic College, Kasaragod



A Study on Digital Image Watermarking Techniques based on DWT

Aneesha N

Abstract | PDF with Text

Screening and Prediction of Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation using Adaptive Neuro-fuzzy Classifier

Asha N D, Paul Joseph K

Abstract | PDF with Text

FPGA based Optimized Reconfigurable 29 Tap Fir Filter Design using Factored Canonic Signed Digit Technique

Cinimole K G

Abstract | PDF with Text

Copyright of Relational Database as a Service (CRDaaS) in secure cloud computing application with Evolutionary and Monte Carlo based Cloud Drop Watermark Approach

Mrs. Divya M B

Abstract | PDF with Text

A Study on Cloud Robotics and Automation

Gowrimol D

Abstract | PDF with Text

A Review on Image Compression Techniques

Haritha. S. Sunil

Abstract | PDF with Text

Adaptation of LABVIEW for a Chemical Process

Honey Devassy, Anagha S Menon, Minnu Merine Leegy

Abstract | PDF with Text

Sparsity Based Sequential Dictionary Learning Algorithm

Jesna Augustine

Abstract | PDF with Text

Secure ATM Transactions through Fingerprint

Neena .M.K

Abstract | PDF with Text

A High Speed VLSI Architecture for Lifting Based Discrete Wavelet Transform

Nikhitha M, Mohamed Salih K.K

Abstract | PDF with Text

A Review on Image Acquisition Techniques and Algorithms for Breast Cancer Classification Using Digital Images

Nimmi Sudarsan, Nandakumar Paramparambath

Abstract | PDF with Text

A Review of Signal Processing Algorithms for Monitoring Heart Rate from Motion Corrupted Photo Plethysmo Graphic Signals

Revathy Pambungal Sivadas, Nandakumar Paramparambath

Abstract | PDF with Text

Wireless Power Transfer Technology (WPTT) – Through Resonance

Venu Gopalan .K, P. Dileep

Abstract | PDF with Text

Discrete Wavelet Transform for Digital Watermarking

Biju M J

Abstract | PDF with Text

Cost Effective Real Time Scheduling for Cloud Based on Market Approach

Shihabudheen K M

Abstract | PDF with Text

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