Abstract: This paper provides a comparative study between node Mcu and Ardunio micro controller board. Node Mcu Board are used for implementing Internet of things applications. IoT IoT is technologies which can be connect with physical objects to Internet. IoT technology can be used with Sensors and any of the electrical or mechanical objects.This paper provides some algorithm such as how IR sensor connected with physical objects. Paper proposed some algorithms which shows that how different sensors connected with physical devices and provides desired solutions and an approach in the form of algorithm (step by step solution) to connect Node MCU ESP 8266 (development board or firmware) with Arduino IDE which provide low power battery operated applications or prototyping of IoT devices. This paper also provides a comparative analysis between NodeMCU development board and Arduino UNO microcontroller board. These are the development boards to generate IoT based applications.

Keywords: Internet of Things, Arduino UNO, Node MCU, IR Sensor, DHT11

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11498

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