Abstract: There are numerous online services available in almost every business thanks to contemporary web technologies. Every major sector is transforming and building a digital face for all of its core activities to stay competitive in the expanding digital sector. The globe today has an extremely rapid information flow, therefore adopting duplicate methods won't help the individual or the organization. Internet connectivity is a must for all contemporary enterprises that want to operate effectively. One of these fields where intelligence should be swiftly and efficiently digitised is healthcare. This study focuses on that particular topic and paves the way for the creation of software that makes the switch from notebook paper to electronic documents easier. The paper proposes Advance Healthcare System, that would enhance patient operational effectiveness, physician routing efficiency, and provide ubiquitous access to patient-related information throughout the hospital. It also defines a theory for a browser framework that would replace the requirement for paper prescription medications in hospitals. Advance healthcare System alters the standard clinical structure in a comprehensive approach, improving the quality, accessibility, and individualization of healthcare. In this study, we basically identify the key technologies that enable the concept of the advanced healthcare system. We speak of the issues with Advance healthcare System that are currently present and make some suggestions for remedies. Finally, we consider the prospects for Advance healthcare in the future.

Keywords: Advance healthcare System, Database, Webpage, Interface, Hospital Information Systems, Environment-Shaping Factors, Healthcare Intelligence Services.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12209

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