Abstract: In today’s busy world , these autonomous bots can save both time and energy by helping in industries where instead of employing a human operator we can set our desired tasks to the robot which can easily follow the repetitive path from source to destination and vice versa. Kepping the need of industry in mind we have praposed the line follwer robot with the help of aurdino sytem which helps to overcome the problem of labour.It is microcontroller based autonomous robot which detects and follows a path that can be invisible magnetic field or a visible path indicated by black line on a white surface(or vice versa). The system senses the line. This work is done by sensors – IR sensors. The IR sensors are mounted at the front end of the robot. The data from these sensors will be given to the microcontroller (Arduino board) which in turn sends the signal to the motor driver that in turn drives the motor of the robot based upon the information of IR sensors. This system hence can be used in a safe, efficient, time-saving way in industries as well as for daily purposes.

Keywords: IR Sensor,Aurdino UNO, Robot, Motor

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.105171

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