Abstract: Today speech technologies are commonly available for a limited but interesting range of tasks. The technologies enable machines to respond correctly and reliably to human voices and provide useful and valuable services. As communicating with a computer is faster using voice rather than using a keyboard, people will prefer such a system. Communication among human beings is dominated by spoken language, therefore it is natural for people to expect voice interfaces with computers. can be accomplished by developing a voice recognition system - speech-to-text which allows the computer to translate voice requests and dictation into text. Voice recognition system - speech-to-text is the process of converting an acoustic signal which is captured using a microphone to a set of words. The recorded data can be used for document preparation. In the project is to able automated notes maker from audio recordings application based on AI, ML to make the computer understand speech commands and convert it into text and then PDF/WORD format.

Keywords: Automatic speech recognition, Technology, Automated captions, Qualitative data, Transcription.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12444

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