Abstract: -Renewable energy generation and electric vehicles (EVs) have recently received increased attention in the smart grid. This paper describes a grid-connected solar-wind hybrid system for supplying Battery's electrical load demand. Battery monitoring systems for E-vehicles are a new development in the automotive and electrical industries. There are currently no large-scale monitoring systems for batteries in India. It has not progressed from a small-scale personal project to a large-scale application. Aside from that, there are existing methodologies that rent the batteries to the user as such and rely entirely on the user's timely payment in person. A battery supervision scheme is an automatic system that protects a rechargeable battery, for example, by preventing it from functioning outside of its safe operational area, monitoring its state, planning inferior statistics, commenting on that data, monitoring its situation, confirming it, and/or supplementing it. The BMS will also order the battery to be recharged by redirecting the improved energy back into the battery pack. It is only used for battery charging and discharging at rummage sales. With our proposed system, the EV battery is charged by both renewable and non-renewable sources, such as a solar PV plate. The battery management system can be linked to the monitoring structure, which can manage, monitor, and log data to an online database. This system monitors battery parameters such as voltage, current, temperature, power, and charge state. These parameters are then transmitted and stored in a database over the internet, which is then displayed to the user via an Android app. When a large enough dataset is available in the database, intelligent machine learning algorithms can be used to predict the life cycle of the battery and make recommendations to the user about the time and duration of each charge cycle, the battery's health, and other factors. When used in battery rental companies, the battery can only be charged if the user pays the rent on time.

Index Terms—Charging station, electric vehicle (EV), solar photovoltaic (SPV) panels,

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12649

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