Abstract: Smart charging allows a certain level of control over the charging process. It includes different pricing and technical charging options. The simplest form of incentive – time-of-use pricing encourages consumers to move their charging from peak to off-peak periods. Blockchains promise transparent, and secure systems that can enable novel business solutions, especially when combined with smart contracts. We propose a secure charging system for electric vehicles based on blockchain to resolve these security flaws. Our charging system ensures the security of key, secure mutual authentication, anonymity, and perfect forward secrecy, and also provides efficient charging.This paper has three main contributions: (i) a protocol is proposed that finds an optimum charging station, given public biddings as response to a query; (ii) at the same time the customer’s geographic position is not revealed during protocol execution; and (iii) a blockchain is used as a decentralized and immutable storage for transparency and verifiability of these biddings. The protocol design keeps the communication overhead and the amount of data to be stored in the blockchain small, which allows to use existing blockchain technologies such as Bitcoin. The privacy of the protocol is evaluated in an honest-but-curious adversary model. This paper focuses on the privacy of the EV and assumes that charging stations and their bids are publicly known.

Keywords: Blockchains Security, Charging Station

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9232

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