Abstract: Attendance management is important to every single organization, it can decide whether or not an organization such as educational institutions, public or private sectors will be successful in the future. Managing student attendance during lecture periods has become a difficult challenge. The ability to compute the attendance percentage becomes a major task as manual computation produces errors, and wastes a lot of time. For the stated reason, an efficient Web-based application for attendance management system is designed to track student’s activity in the class. This application takes attendance electronically and the records of the attendance are storing in a database. Student attendance management system deal with the maintenance of the student’s attendance details. It is generates the attendance of the student on basis of presence in class. It is maintaining daily basis of attendance, the staff will be provide with the separate username and password to make student attendance. The staff handling the particular subject to responsible to make the attendance for all stu- dents. Only if the student presents the particular date, the attendance will be calculated

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11411

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