Abstract: Recently the buildings are constructed on large scale on a vast area. The building construction projects should be finished within the planned timeline and budget. However lots of the construction projects are delayed due to the many factors such as bad weather and delayed supply but main factor that affects the delay is the human error. Workers can misplace the equipment or skip the required job. Detecting the work error lately may cause delay and redoing the job. These errors should be detected as soon as possible to reduce the delay. But the monitoring and management and of construction work become difficult because the construction work is done in the very extensive area concurrently by lots of workers.

To monitor the work progress, the construction company sends the project manager to the construction site and the managers recodes the change on to the paper sheet or tablet pc and append the photos. Later the company can view the progress by checking the paper or photo. Some companies these days use computer programs for the progress monitoring and the project manager can recode the change to the program and the program computes the progress. Recording the change in to the paper or computer program can check the work schedule but it is hard to detect the human error such as misplacement of equipment or skipping. In this paper we have proposed a system for construction site management where everything will be managed by this system which will help to manage construction site details systematically and it will save time and efforts.

Keywords: CMS; cloud; templates; reports; media.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9711

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