Abstract: Covid-19 is a deadly pandemic that is currently ravaging the whole world. The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended the wearing of face masks to contain the spread of the virus. Enforcing the wearing of face masts most times requires that the security personnel will be in close proximity with the people required to have their face masks on. This requirement makes the security personnel vulnerable. There is the need to have an automated checking system in order check conformity. This will ensure complete isolation. In this work, an automated Covid-19 Entrance Door Checking System that checks if individuals wear face mask or not before securing access to the door is designed and implemented. This system was implemented using an electromagnetic solenoid lock to perform the locking mechanism and a Raspberry pi as the controller was coded in python language using Geany as the IDE after which it was executed in the raspberry pi. The controller was interfaced with a camera module and a Temperature module for providing the user input interface on which the face is detected. The system features a liquid crystal display (LCD) Monitor for indicating system status as well as the reason for denial of access. The system operates by scanning the user’s face, checks if he is putting on nose mast, upon successful verification, the electronic lock unlocks and the user will be allowed to access the door. If the user on the other hand does not wear nose mast, the electronic lock will not be unlocked and the LCD will indicate reason.

Keywords: Raspberry pi, Face masks, temperature detection, camera module.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11211

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